Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lefty Brandon, photographer

I have known Lefty Brandon for a long time. He is married to Jeanie, a delightful woman whose friendship is one of the joys of my life.

Lefty is a quiet man, which means that knowing him is like slowly unpacking a box full of presents. Over time, wonderful things keep appearing. While I've known he is a gifted musician for many years, I've only recently learned how gifted a photographer he is.

So here, on this chilly Sunday afternoon, are some of Lefty's photos. You can see more of his photos here.
He selected these photos, but I've arranged them in this order, because, even though they were not all taken in Texas, they were taken by a Texan, and they speak to me of life in Texas.
It begins and ends with the sun.

It is sustained by precious water.

It is fed by the fruits of the earth.

It is awed by the majesty of Creation.

It is capable of creating great beauty.

It values the creatures who work with us.

It delights in small pleasures.

It is visited by wonderful beings.

It can find loveliness in bleak places.

It is learning to embrace progress while also valuing the past.

It still honors hard work.

It loves our nation.

It knows that everything depends on this -

the Living Water.


Leonard said...

Just beautiful...period.

ROBERTA said...

those are exquisitely beautiful photos...

Wormwood's Doxy said...

Katie--thanks so much for these breathtakingly gorgeous photos! They made my day...