Friday, January 09, 2009

Special Convention called

Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori has issued the call for a Special Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth. You can see the document here.

In short it says that because our diocese no longer has a bishop and no longer has a Standing Committee -- because they all left the Episcopal Church -- it falls to her to call the convention. At this convention delegates will elect a provisional bishop to serve until we are organized enough to elect one under more normal circumstance; bring the diocesan constitution and canons back into order, and pass other such business necessary to reorganize our diocese.

You can read the ENS story here.

What you won't read there, because there is simply no way for a reporter to document it, is the incredible sense of joy and liberation being experienced here, as happy Episcopalians reach out to one another and to others, sharing their love of God and of one another in ministries new and old.

Yes, we mourn the unnecessary pain caused by those who foster division, but people are energized in their faith and full of hope as we move toward a new day in our diocese.


David and John said...

Thank goodness there is finally a new day dawning in Ft. Worth!

The abuses of the Iker era will remain in peoples memories for a long time, but this news is truly a step forward out of the dark ages for your diocese.

God be with the Episcopal Diocese of Ft. Worth, and bless you all as you move forward in ministry and mission.

episcogal said...

Thank you for the CTK update, Katie. How wonderful of St. Stephen's, Hurst, to be responding in this way! The Spirit is indeed on the move.