Thursday, January 08, 2009

Just ignore him

Jack Iker is having a hard time grasping reality.

From: Bishop Iker
Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2009
2:19 PM
Subject: AD CLERUM
To Rectors, Vicars, and Priests-in-Charge,

It has come to our attention that TEC in the New York office has sent the 2008 Parochial Report forms to each of our congregations. In previous years these reports have always been sent to the Diocesan Center and distributed from our office to our congregations.

Please disregard what they have sent you. The Diocesan Center in Fort Worth will soon be mailing you a packet with the appropriate Parochial form which is to be completed and returned to this office by March 31, 2009, according to Diocesan Canon 27. It is the Bishop's directive that only these forms from the Diocesan Center be used.

It is unfortunate that TEC continues to be disruptive in the life of our diocese.

The last line is his. I did not make it up.

Here's what you do, folks.

Ignore him. Be nice, but ignore him.

The reason the parochial report packets have been sent directly to the parishes is that our diocese does not have a bishop any more. Nor do we have a Standing Committee. They have all left the Episcopal Church.

Jack Iker is not a bishop in the Episcopal Church any more. He has no authority over the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth. He has no authority over its people, its priests, or its property.
He certainly has no authority to issue "directives."

So ignore him. Nicely. But ignore him.


James said...

Boy the crazies are really active this week, aren't they! Egad!

airedale said...

Sounds great to me, consider him duly ignored! I can only imagine how loudly he will complain to the press when the diocese is reorganized and the Presiding Bishop "invades" his territory!!!!!

Leonard said...

Jack Leo, Scream, scream, scream...sometimes violent tantrums are followed by windows of reason and you´ll be able to see a little sober light.

Lauralew said...

Oh, good grief!

episcogal said...

Katie - Speaking of Jack with a screw loose - can you comment on what's going on at Christ the King?

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Jack Iker gives "The Land Down Under" a whole new meaning and location.

Daniel Weir said...

Actually, Parochial Report forms have, at least for the past few years, been sent directly to congregations. It makes sense to eliminate a step and save postage.

It seems that some folks like to see meddling where there is none.