Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Simon Chronicles troisième partie

It has been over 100 degrees outside for more than three weeks.

This is not comfortable for a person who is covered in fur, even gorgeous silken fur like mine. I know one must suffer for beauty, but there ARE limits.
So I have devoted much of my time in the last few weeks to monitoring and inspiring my Chief of Staff as she works at her computer.

Sometimes I am joined by Ms. Wiggles in this strenuous work.

But most often I am left to tend to this task by myself. As you can see, it is quite exhausting.

But my Chief of Staff insists on going outside to water the garden, which she has to do every day while it is this hot, so of course, I accompany her. By now I know all the coolest spots upon which to recline while I supervise her work. Occasionally she "accidentally" sprays me with the water hose. She thinks this is funny.

I am NOT amused by such juvenile water play.

But, sterling cat that I am, I do not abandon her to work alone. Unlike the dogs, who venture out into the heat only when forced outside to take care of bodily needs, I guard and protect her.

One never knows when a predatory squirrel will attack.

Although it's been so hot even the squirrels aren't moving much.

This one sprawled out on the brick walk that had been cooled off by the sprinkler. Brazen hussy.

The only things that moved at all in the garden -- besides my Chief of Staff -- are the butterflies, the dragonflies and the lizards.

My Chief of Staff really likes these big blue, gold, and black butterflies.

This bright orange butterfly likes the pink pentas. Ugh. Clashing colors. Butterflies have no taste.

This teensy butterfly likes the impatiens.

This little green guy hangs out on the pot of pentas near the front gate. He's a quick little thing. I've tried to play with him several times, but zip! Off he goes. Spoilsport.

This bright red dragonfly likes to pretend he's a flower.

This blue dragonfly hangs out around the greenhouse, I suppose because the blue paint on the window matches its blue body. Who knew dragonflies like to be color coordinated with their surroundings? I thought only cats did that.

It is so hot that this dragonfly didn't even move when my Chief of Staff took this closeup with her phone. Obviously bugs do not have the finely honed instincts of cats. But then, who does?
Eventually I am able to persuade my Chief of Staff to come inside where it's cool. This takes some nagging but I eventually herd her to the door.

Then, as soon as she opens the door and stands there waiting for me, I, of course, being a cat, take my own sweet time about walking through the door. This always seems to irritate her, for some reason.

Sometimes she says rude things to me, like "Simon, get your catly butt into this house right this minute!" Really!

But eventually we are both inside, and I can relax and catch up on my sleep. Sigh. It is SO exhausting trying to teach my human how to behave.
Thank God it's supposed to cool down tomorrow -- the highs will be only in the mid-90s.

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I love the squirrels.