Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Redheads RULE!

Here's a story from ESPAN. Note the part about two young redheads -- emphasis added below.
FORT WORTH, Texas -- Andy Dalton has nowhere to hide on the TCU campus, what with his red hair being a dead giveaway.

But Dalton is not the type of guy who would hide, anyway. Not when there are basketball games to watch and road trips to take. Not when there are kids who need some help, or a dog that needs a simple drink of water.

To put it simply, the 6-foot-3 senior quarterback is a TCU everyman.
He sits in the stands at volleyball games, jockeying for T-shirts like everyone else. He piled into a car with teammates and made the drive to the College World Series this past summer to watch TCU as it helped close down Rosenblatt Stadium.
"I'm a college student. That's what's fun," he says.

He counseled two young boys with red hair who were getting teased at school because only a star quarterback could convince them that red hair is, you know, cool. He still gets ribbed for a story that keeps growing in legend, when he helped a dog drink some water after it passed out on a run with its owner.

What you see on the field is what you see off the field.
Read it all here.

Well, here are the two young red-haired boys referred to in the story:

They happen to be my grandsons, Gavin Judge, 6, and Curran Judge, 8. And they do indeed have gorgeous red hair, as do their mommy and daddy. Needless to say, I am an Andy Dalton fan.

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