Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Pirates, birthday cake and true treasures

You have probably noticed that I have not blogged in a while. That's because my husband had some very scary health issues throughout the month of March, being in and out of the hospital, and in and out of ICU.

Well, he's home now, and has been home for several days and is feeling stronger every day. for which we give thanks to God. And to all our friends who have been praying for him.
So, here's a bit of catchup.
On March 30, Blackbeard's pirate ship sailed into our front yard, and Curran, the eldest grandson, turned six. Almost 30 of his friends joined us for his birthday party.

The bounce house turned out to be genius idea, as it kept the kids occupied until the REAL pirate arrived!

Yes, a real pirate showed up to tell the tales of buried treasures and to hand out maps to treasures that somehow got buried on our property!

Curran is the one in the green striped shirt, listening intently to the priate's tale. The pirate handed out four maps, and we divided the kids into four teams and before you could say "Ahoy Mateys" they had uncovered all four treasure chests, which were filled with "jewels and money."

Then candles were lit on the cake, wishes made, Happy Birthday sung, and candles blown out. Cake was handed around to all, even to "Da," whose presence was the best present of all!

So happy birthday to Curran and happy homecoming to Da.


Barbi Click said...

Happy Birthday, Curran, from Barbi, Debbie, and Tucker!!!
And welcome home, Gayland!!!! We miss you all.

Ron Miller said...

Ron Miller writes on 4/16 to say how happy we are to see himself enjoying the cake and the daylight. Much love, Mary and Ron