Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mark Harris Reveals Details of The Fort Worth Plan

If you want to see the details of our diocesan leadership's plan to rid themselves of troublesome parishes and rectors who intend to remain in The Episcopal Church, please go read Mark Harris' blog Preludium.

He has the documents and a wonderful commentary on this plan to make faithful Episcopalians refugees in their own church and make it easier for Bp. Iker to abscond with TEC property.

Mark writes, "This last weekend I received an anonymously sent and unsolicited copy of a Draft proposal for "The Fort Worth Plan" dated 4/09/08, and marked Confidential, although without any attribution as to author or source of the request of confidentiality. Accompanying that was a draft of "Canon 41, Associated Congregations" which is referenced in "The Fort Worth Plan" as a proposed canonical change in the Diocese of Dallas."

Go check it out.

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