Monday, January 11, 2010

A belated Happy New Year

Life has been busy, and I've been fighting a cold caught in October that became a sinus infection that became a bronchial infection that has hung on tenaciously, leaving me with limited energy.
A new round of antibiotics seems to be helping, so I'm hopeful I'll be back to normal soon -- or as close to normal as I ever get. One of the results of the lack of energy has been the neglect of this blog. I had all I could handle in trying to "do" Advent, get ready for Christmas, and also try to communicate all the good news coming out of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth.
OK. Enough of the pity party, she said, coughing bravely. I'll try to catch up.
We are thawing out of what has been our part of the Big Freeze that has been sitting on most of the nation for what seems like forever. We haven't had it as bad as many parts of the nation, but for us, lows in the teens are rare. It's hard on our water pipes, on our gardens, on our crops and animals, and on humans, especially the poor, the homeless and the old.

We had an honest-to-goodness white Christmas -- I know, I know, my friends in Michigan, New York and Canada will laugh and call it a powdered sugar Christmas, but for us, two inches of snow is a LOT. And it lasted for more than two days!!!!!

These photos were taken about 10 AM on Christmas Eve morning and much more snow fell afterward.

The garden looked like it had been sprinkled with fairy dust or the aforementioned powdered sugar.

The Rose Window sculpture almost disappeared into the brush behind it.

The warrior woman -- our tribute to Owanah Anderson -- stood stoically on her pedestal with her whitened standards flying behind her.

This white maiden sheltered under the winter honeysuckle.

The walks were still clear but the snow was beginning to stick.

The Chapel Garden was turning into a White Garden.

The Chapel Garden Choir sang bravely on in spite of the snow.

Mary snuggled with John and Jesus.

Simon snuggled in the ficus tree's pot in the sun. He's the lump on the right. [DON'T tell him I said that.]

Mike snuggled in a chair in the Farm House.

Wiggles and Toby snuggled with each other.

And Daniella snuggled with her boys, Curran and Gavin.
Happy New Year to all of you, Beloveds.


mspeer said...

Glad to hear that you're getting over such a relentless bug. Hope you're soon on top of the world again.

I miss your updates when you and your loved ones are under the weather, but I certainly understand it. Thank you for all you do to keep those of us no longer in the Diocese up to date with the major happenings there. I appreciate it.

Mary Speer

Fr Craig said...

Great to hear from you! get better. beautiful pictures. I lived in Colleyville for 3 years in early 80's, and remember snow and a serious ice storm... I was (a Kansas native) and about the only idiot out on the highways... blessings -

BooCat said...

The photos are beautiful. I especially like Simon in the ficus. I had a deaf cat, Freeway, who liked to dig a hole in my ficus and then crawl in and sleep. Alas, the ficus did not make it.

Fr. Craig, you better be glad you were the only one on the road. Even though you are from Kansas and can drive in the white stuff, Southerners, for the most part, cannot. We think God has declared a Bumper Car Ride day on the highway. Best to stay in 'til it melts.

pw: bilut (For someone who is dyslexic like me, this can be rather confusing. Smile)

Muthah+ said...

My brother told me of the snow on Christmas. Thanks for the photos! Your houses and property have really become beautiful over the years since I was there.

I hope your cold has abated. We will be down in Feb. Will contact you before hand

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear about your cold. Try Acai!

The photos are indeed beautiful. I love the "powdered sugar Christmas." Thanks so much for posting them. We need some beauty and good cheer these days! Joyce