Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lazy Summer Day

Today was a hot August day in Texas.
My two grandsons and I did not want to spend the day inside, so we went to Oakland Lake Park to feed the ducks. [see photo]
Then we went to Trinity Park to a shaded play area, where the 7-year-old proceeded -- without being asked or told -- to clean up the litter that someone had strewn in front of the slide in the play area. He started carrying dirty paper plates, water and Coke bottles, napkins, etc., to the trash barrel. Then his 5-year-old brother began helping.
Next the other children in the play area began helping, and pretty soon, all the litter was cleaned up. Then they all resumed playing.
On the way home, I told them how proud I was of them, that they had been good citizens.
The 7-year-old said, "If we don't clean it up, who will?"

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mspeer said...

"And a little child shall lead them." Wouldn't the world be a better place if everybody had his attitude?