Monday, June 01, 2009

Playing catch-up

No, I haven't died. I just have not have time to blog.
I've been busy on deadlines for two videos for Integrity, then tending to a husband very suddenly and seriously ill with pneumonia [he is completely recovered, thanks be to God], then I was fighting the sinus infection from Hell, all while trying to keep up with work, the garden, the grandkids, all the good things happening in the Diocese of Fort Worth and life in general.
Several important family events happened. We celebrated Mother's Day:

My 91-year-old mother is sitting next to Gayland as the assembled clan eats, drinks and talks.

My daughter and her husband, two of my three brothers and nephews and grandchildren helped celebrate the day.

My beautiful daughter and her two gorgeous boys -- not that I'm biased or anything . . .

My son-in-law sends the boys flying on the swing, to their great delight.

What fun!
Then we all attended Gavin's play at his pre-school. He was a scarecrow.

He remembered all his lines.

He remembered all his gestures.

He liked his costume.

It was a good day.

And we all attended Curran's piano recital.

He was very poised and calm.

He played his piece accurately and well.

He even seemed to enjoy it a little bit.

Next came Gavin's "graduation" from preschool, which made his Mom and Dad a little teary-eyed.

It was a serious occasion for Gavin.

All the class was dressed in their very best.

Mrs. Ishrat will miss him -- and he will miss her!



Thanks for the updates ... LOVE the pictures! AND thanks for your brilliant work on those "integrity videos" ... making the viral rounds today to rave reviews! BRava!

James said...

I was concerned; and I am very happy to know all is well with you and your family. I loved the photos! And the scarecrow costume - brilliant!

Fr Craig said...

Missed you, Katie - but what a come back! Beautiful family!!

Leonard said...

Adorable everything and put so much pathos into the posting...I even feel we are relatives sharing the joy of the extended family.


My family is all in San Francisco and the Bay made me a little misty seeing yours...must be time for a visit (sometimes they come here too).

Mil Gracias for the generosity of spirit.

S. Jan Hughes said...

We knew you were busy! Fighting the good fight, as always! We miss you at the 11:30 service but know you are among our brothers and sisters. Remember you are much loved.

Jr. said...

Welcome back and the videos are great.