Sunday, April 12, 2009


The Lord is Risen! Alleluia!

One of my favorite things in a bronze sculpture by David Newton. It is the moment of Resurrection -- we look on as Death loses its grip on Jesus.

In this piece, Resurrection doesn't look easy. But then, maybe it never is.

There are many things trying to keep us from entering into new life,

fear being the strongest. Easter reminds us that it is worth the effort.

After church, my family gathered for a meal cooked by my talented son-in-law and then, of course, multiple Easter egg hunts.

Curran and Gavin looked for the eggs hidden by their father and me.

There were a few debates about who saw which egg first.

Gavin was astonished to discover candy inside some of the eggs!

Molly dog supervised the hunts, and then walked the garden with me as the day wound down.

Bouganvillea bloomed inside the greenhouse as Rose of Sharon sprouted baby leaves outside.

The beloved Texas Bluebonnets lit up the grass.

Dwarf cannas caught the late sun.

Pincushion flowers leaned on one another.

A late but much appreciated daffodil showed up.

The Spiderwort's lovely flowers once again redeemed its unfortunate name.

Geraniums by the fountain glowed as the sun sank in the sky.

Clematis went from purple to pink as the light changed.

And the Chapel Garden choir greeted the vesper light.

May your Easter season be filled with beauty, courage, and laughter.



Thanks for this, Katie! What a delightful way to end a glorious Easter Day!

episcogal said...

Beautiful, Katie!


David@Montreal said...

thank-you for your wonderul feast of Easter garden photographs
here things are still in early bud at best, with overnight temperatures still sneaking below zero
so your wonderful garden was a veritable, welcome feast for me
thank-you again Katie