Thursday, March 26, 2009

Brite Divinity School adds Episcopal Studies Program

Below is an announcement of great good news for Episcopalians in the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth. It is not only an opportunity for lay people to pursue theological study, it also offers a local place for Episcopalians to study for ordination to the priesthood.

But perhaps even more important, it is deeply symbolic of our diocese's move out of isolation and into a healthier relationship with our community as well as with our larger church. That is worth celebrating.


Brite Divinity School at TCU will add Episcopal Studies Program in fall 2009

FORT WORTH, TX (March 26, 2009) — Brite Divinity School has announced the establishment of an Episcopal Studies Program rooted in classical Anglican tradition.

The Episcopal Studies Program will begin on Aug. 24 with the opening of the fall 2009 semester.

The Rev. Fred Barber, rector of Trinity Episcopal Church, has been named part-time acting director of the new program, which will allow candidates for the Episcopal priesthood to complete the Master of Divinity in preparation for ordination without leaving North Texas. The program has the enthusiastic support of the Rt. Rev. Edwin F. (Ted) Gulick, Jr., provisional bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth. It will follow the model of the other denominational studies programs at Brite.

Brite is affiliated with Texas Christian University and related to the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). President Dr. Newell Williams notes that the school has long been committed to serving the whole church. In addition to enrolling students from the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Brite offers specialized programs in Baptist Studies, Presbyterian Studies and United Methodist Studies. Each denominational studies program has a program director that helps students maintain connections to their denomination. Brite also offers courses addressing distinctive traditions and contemporary issues of African American, Hispanic and Asian American faith communities, provides courses in Jewish Studies and sponsors a Catholic lecture series.

The Episcopal Studies Program will be funded by individual donors.

For more information, contact the Dean’s office at Brite Divinity School, 817-257-7577.


Amy said...

Katie - this is so cool! How refreshing that North Texas Episcopalians seeking ordination will have this option. Thanks for the news and many thanks to Brite for the offering.

p.s. Spell check on the title (stuidies)

Muthah+ said...

Halleluia! What a great way to train local priests! I am so thankful to the Disciples of Christ and their welcome of TEC members who have stayed faithful to the Church. It has been the even mindedness of them and the United Methodists who have given support to those who understand Christianity to be a welcoming and honoring tradition, not an organization to keep people out of.

Mary Beth said...

Thanks be to God!!!