Monday, December 01, 2008

An analysis of the Southern Cone

There is much interest in the Southern Cone in parts of Fort Worth these days. I thought it might be helpful to everyone to see how Dave Walker -- of -- analyzed the situation.

I find this very helpful in keeping things in perspective. Please note the sea monster off the eastern coast -- well, it's either a sea monster or the largest earthworm I've ever seen. I hope that boatload of "incoming dioceses" is paying attention to the hazards of their journey.

Dave has a wealth of other observations about "church," so visit his web site here. And even though Dave was the official cartoonist of the Lambeth Conference -- and the fact that the Lambeth Conference even HAD an official cartoonist may be the most hopeful thing I've heard about the Anglican Communion in a long time -- Dave has NOT let it go to his head. He remains his usual wonderfully observant irreverent self.

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