Friday, May 02, 2008

A Preview of Venables' Speech

A friend of mine who is blessed with more patience than I have listened to this week's address of Gregory Venables, presiding bishop of the Southern Cone, to the group calling itself the Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin.

She sent these excerpts to me as as "preview" of what we can expect when Venables addresses our convention delegates/clergy in a special convocation tomorrow.
"God is calling us to move on. The Lord Jesus knows where we are going and he will get us there. We are not following an institution....I don't know what the realignment will look like in a few years.....We are in Christ. Those who have left are those who have denied who Jesus is. This is not about women and human sexuality."

He went on to say the we (the neo-liberals) suffer from doctrinal impurity (false teaching). And later said we are morally impure.

Near the end of his talk he said that the problem with the Anglican Communion is that it doesn't have a pope with ultimate authority and that Rowan has no authority.


So our own bishop calls us vigilantes and idolaters and the presiding bishop of the province to which we may go says that those of us who choose to remain in The Episcopal Church have "denied who Jesus is," and that we are morally impure.

Sure makes me want to spend more time with them.

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