Sunday, March 09, 2008

Pushing toward the Light

This is a photo of the entrance to our Chapel Garden. It was taken last summer.
This is my favorite photo of Gayland, taken in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday in 1983. I love the look of joy on his face.

Gayland and I sit in the Chapel Garden almost every night, unless it's raining or just too icy. We pray and talk and dream and review the day and laugh at our dogs who think the gardens were created for their personal pleasure -- and who's to say they are wrong?

We haven't been sitting together in the garden much this Lent -- not because we don't want to, but because Gayland had a triple bypass operation, and then barely two weeks later, a stress ulcer in his stomach perforated, sending him to the ER in an ambulance and into emergency surgery at 3 A.M.

He almost died.

Now he's in the ICU and recovering. He walked a long distance today, and sat in a chair for a long time. Maybe tomorrow he will be out of the ICU. Maybe.

This has been a Lenten experience I hope to never have again.

After I came home from the hospital tonight, I went with the dogs to sit in the Chapel Garden. The start of Daylight Savings Time meant it was still light enough to see. So as the dogs arranged themselves on and around my feet -- dogs believe that warm feet are very important when comforting someone -- I gazed out at the garden and gave thanks.

Thanks that Gayland has survived this challenge. Thanks for the skill of his surgeon. Thanks for the gentleness and skill of his nurses. Thanks for the meals that friends have brought. Thanks for the prayers of countless people. Thanks for the kindnesses without number that people have shown us.

I looked at the spring bulbs just now opening into beautiful blooms and I wept at their courage. All these bulbs pushing toward the Light, not knowing whether or not a freeze tomorrow might kill them. For them, Easter is the only possibility.

I take hope from them, and courage.

All will be well, they proclaim. All manner of things will be well.

God, please make it so.


PseudoPiskie said...

Yes, God, thanks so far and please make it so.

airedale said...

We shall remember you and Gayland in our prayers and thoughts. We wish him a speedy recovery. Although knowing Gayland, I don't imagine he can be held down for long!!!!!!! John and Jody Price


Blessings, Katie, Gayland and Dogs! Keep us posted and we'll keep praying!

Anonymous said...

Gayland is in our prayers, Katie. Keep your strength up. God will take care of you both.

Brenda Sherrod

Caminante said...

Oh Katie, I am so sorry to read the latest. Many prayers for both of you... may you continue to sit in your beautiful garden with your dogs and, as Gayland makes his way from an ICU to regular ward chair to home, may he dream of sitting there with you. Lastly, yes, may you never have a Lent like this one again.

Paul said...

Dear Katie and Gayland, I join in prayer (and, like Susan, added the request to my blog as well). Love to you both! (Paul Strid)

Muthah+ said...

Prayers continue from an upstate NY Texan.

Suzer said...

Please know that you and Gayland are in my thoughts and prayers for health and recovery, and am thankful also for such talented doctors and nurses. Praise be to God for life and health and the joys which abound therefrom!

(I came here from Susan Russell's blog.)

Susan H.

johnieb said...

Just learned this from Paul, the BB, who got it from Susan Russell.

Thanks to Godde for all the goodness that has surrounded you both; I pray that it continue and that you both will be fit and joyful in Godde's work, with which you have so richly blessed far more people than may have had the opportunity to say so as yet.

Walking is a very good sign: been there, done that, more than once.

Prayers for you all from Hartford

janinsanfran said...

Still praying; still attending. What you write here is lovely.

Xan Warren said...

Katie, please tell Gayland those "Lutherans" love him very much! You are both in our prayers! (Jan Hughes and Paul Warren)

Barbi Click said...

Katie, lots of love and many prayers on this beautiful day in St. Louis -- you both have been and will continue to be in our prayers through out each day.
Hugs to you, to Gayland (although gingerly) and to Mike, Molly, Tobit and Ms Wiggles.
Barbi, Deb, Tucker, Jak and most especially from Theo

BooCat said...

Just a little note to let you know you are all in my prayers.

Jane R said...

Dear Katie, what beautiful photos. I join you in prayer and hope! Jane (Redmont)

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

I know the beauty of that place for myself, thanks to your generous hospitality. You and Gayland have created it a place of beauty and solace. How fitting that you should find there exactly what you helped to create when you need it it most. Thanks be to God. Prayers ascend for Gayland and you and your family.

Nurse Kerry said...

I hope by now both you and Gayland are headed home together and get to enjoy more treasured time in the Chapel Garden.

My prayers are with you. If he's still there in step down on Monday, I'll ck in on you.

Kerry <><