Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Third Day of Christmas

It's the third day of Christmas, and it's just beginning to rain, always a welcome event in Texas. It's cold -- a freeze is expected tonight.

So after running errands all day, and helping my 90-year-old Mom pick out some new shoes, I went home and collapsed. It was nice to sit in front of the fire and just hang out with my dogs and cat while waiting for Gayland to come home.

This is Simon. Yes, he's a cat, but he is also the Alpha dog. Don't ask.

Simon really likes hanging out in front of the fireplace in the farmhouse.

This is Tobit, a long-haired, wire-haired, soft-coated standard dachshund. Really.

This is Ms. Wiggles, Toby's sister.

This is Mike the border collie, a gentleman of some years who feels the cold and likes to snuggle among the pillows.

And atop the fireplace is the creche we brought back from an antique shop in Rome. We carried it home in our luggage, and to our amazement, it arrived almost intact . The donkey lost an ear, which I reattached with some glue, and it looks great.

All these photos were taken with my phone, something that still astonishes me.

But astonishment is a proper emotion on the third day of Christmas. After all, what is more astonishing than God making Godself small enough to become a human baby?


Anonymous said...

Mr Wiggles??!! love you, dear... but...!

(we had a cat named Mr. Whiskers... )

Katie Sherrod said...

Actually, it is MS. Wiggles, and the name is more apt than you can imagine. She is a sweetheart, but her sheer excitment at being alive! and with her people! and with her brother! and oh look! there's a squirrel to chase! just overwhelms her at times.