Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Stand Firm: FW Convention faces huge threat!!!!!!!!

This is the threat. Scary, huh?

This in from the testosterone-poisoned Stand Firm In Faith web site:

Greg Griffith
All Saints Won’t Host DioFW Convention; Cites ‘Negative
Publicity’ and Security Concerns
Via email:

Dear Clergy and Convention Delegates:

We regret to announce that All Saints’ Episcopal School has withdrawn its offer to host this year’s Diocesan Convention. Headmaster Tad Bird notified Bishop Iker on Wednesday, September 26th, of the school board’s decision, citing concerns about security and negative publicity for the School in the face of possible pro-gay rights demonstrators at the Convention.


The comments have been, as usual, off the wall. And since one of them addressed me personally, I thought I'd respond -- something I don't usually do to the boys and honorary boys at Stand Firm, because it makes them froth at the mouth even more than usual. The poor dears ARE so easily upset.


Isn’t it sad that the activists are so threatening that a Church School has t ocow down to their threats? Don’t get me wrong...I understand the reason but I just hate the fact that we are being ruled by fear of these no conscience, low level, no moral erhics type of people. To threaten a school...........Just how low can they really go?
Posted by One Day Closer on 10-02-2007 at 05:34 PM [link]

Dear One Day Closer,
No one has threatened a Church School. No one has threatened a "pro gay rights" demonstration. One time, when the diocesan convention was at All Saints School -- this was on a Saturday, so no students were in school -- a few members of Fort Worth Via Media stood at the entrance to the school holding one banner that said, "Episcopalian or Not?"
I guess that simple question was much more threatening than anyone realized.


I don’t know anything about the school, but if it is K-12 there could be no justification, in my opinion, for the children to be exposed to any gay rights demonstration, or to live with there having been such in their building. Lets protect our kids any way that we can.
Posted by Frances Scott on 10-02-2007 at 05:50 PM [link]

Dear Frances,
See above. And how horrible would it be for the children to see adults standing in peaceful dissent? Is that a concept form which you want to protect the children? If so, I think parents would have second thoughts about sending their children to such a school.

Having been a convention delegate in FtW for several years, I can vouch that the Via Media folks demonstrated quite well the last time the convention was held at All Saint’s School. The school is surrounded by a fence and the demonstrators were not allowed on school property. Nevertheless, they made quite a spectacle of themselves with their banners as convention goers “ran their guanlet.” I would be most surprised if they do not have plans to repeat their witness for the General Convention Church.
Posted by Verger on 10-02-2007 at 07:41 PM [link]

Dear Verger,
Glad you pointed out that the school is surrounded by a big fence and a guarded gatehouse and that Fort Worth Via Media wasn't allowed on the property.
I'm also glad you thought our little demonstration was so effective. I think it says volumes about this diocese that a sign saying "Episcopalian or Not?" is seen as a "pro-gay rights" demonstration, given that the House of Bishops in New Orleans just scapegoated our lesbian and gay brothers and sisters in Christ. But this isn't all about homosexuality, is it? That's what our bishop keeps saying, but somehow his actions don't quite convince me of that.
And Sweetie, one more thing. If you think one banner held by two people constitutes a gauntlet, then you are more sheltered -- and easily intimidated -- than I thought.
I don't mean to scare you, but I plan to be at the convention for The Diocesan Convention Church. Haven't decided yet whether to bring the lavender storm troopers or not.

It is a shame when a Christian school has to refuse to hold a scheduled Diocesan Convention in order to protect its’ students from demonstrations by the gay rights crowd. Tell us again about the inclusivity of the GLBT church members---how fair and non-judgemental they are. The big bad non-existent homo is apparently very real! So real that school children have to be protected from him/her/them. And they wonder why the orthodox want to separate. If I had a child at All Saints I would have a cow if he had to wade through a sea of gay rights demonstator to go to school. The school administator’s first responsibility is to protect the children. It is a shame when it has to be from their own members. Way to go Katie (and I don’t mean the PB).
Posted by terrafirma on 10-02-2007 at 08:39 PM [link]

Dear terrafirma,
I am gratified that you think I have the power to force such a decision.
I DO think it's a shame that a school could be so intimidated by the prospect of a very small, peaceful group of Episcopalians holding one or two banners on a Saturday morning when school is not in session. Exactly in what way does that threaten children?
But then, it's typical of the leadership in this diocese to hide behind children as an excuse to drum up more sympathy for the way they are "persecuted" by those of us who speak up in opposition.
Here's some advice -- grow up.

You know, I was wondering last night how many TEC churches have schools attached to them. I know my former parish, St. Barnabas, does. And a mighty fine one at that.
How long before the new TEC dictator orders these schools to include “Heather Has Two Mommies” in their curriculum? Of course it is very possible that the dictator would probably require only “new thing” books with titles like, “God has Blessed Heather with Two Mommies”.
Or maybe she would wait for GenCon.
Nevertheless, how long before this starts happening?
Posted by why1914 on 10-03-2007 at 06:14 AM [link]

Dear why 1914,
You guys crack me up. You remind me of little kids in the tent in the back yard at night sitting around thinking up ways to scare each other. I am, however, impressed with your creativity. I'll send along this suggestion to the PB.

OK, now I've painted a big target on my back. Have fun.
Your sister in Christ,
Katie Sherrod


Anonymous said...

Perhaps someone should drop a dime to Fred Phelps and see if he's free that weekend. Now there's a man who knows how to set up a "gauntlet." And the orthodox would just love the sentiments--until he yells "fag" and dyke" at every single person who passes by, regardless of age, gender, orientation (apparent or actual)...It's a treat.

toujoursdan said...

I am surprised they haven't banned you yet.

Anonymous said...

I read some of the post on Stand Firm in Hate. Why is it always the gay and lesbians doing nasty things to the Orthodox Anglicans?
They act like Gays and Lesbians rule the roost, have demonic powers, hello Salem, "anyone for a little bon fire?"

Where is the Christian Charity to be found on Stand Firm in Hate?
I was told hate the sin not the sinner (since most over there believe homosexuality is a sin)!
I can't imagine Christ being too pleased with many of the responses on that website.

I did see one church in FW who's vestry has written to Iker and said, we're not leaving TEC. We are in the process at our parish in the diocese of Pittsburgh doing likewise.

Speaking of Phelps, he must have a few disciples over at Stand Firm in Hate.

God Forgive Me. I don't like being so angry but I can't understand their brand of Christianity.