Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Images of the garden in August

This moth is so well camouflaged that it is nearly invisible against the old oak tree beside the low patio wall. I only saw it because it fluttered by my face as I was leaning near the tree to water a flower pot. My grandsons were fascinated by it. They decided it was SuperMoth, a super hero moth who takes care of all the little moths. I don't know what kind of moth it is when it's not being SuperMoth, but maybe someone reading this will know.

This rose is from a tiny rose bush that Gayland gave me as a gift several years ago. I planted it in the garden and it has done well. I smile every time I walk by it.

Butterflies are all over the garden. This one landed so that the sun shone through its wings. The garden is full of butterflies like this, as well as some bright orange ones. But the orange ones won't stay still long enough to take a photo of them. All these photos were taken with my phone this morning as I was watering the garden.

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