Friday, January 18, 2008

Some reading matter for your long weekend . . .

Please read Jake today.: Is Bishop Iker Engaged in Realignment or Schism?

"Ample evidence for the charges that Bps. Schofield and Duncan have abandoned the Episcopal Church has been made readily available. But it appears that Bp. Iker of Fort Worth has not received such close scrutiny, other than that offered by the members of Fort Worth Via Media. Here's a partial list of actions and statements by Bp. Iker that would seem to be cause for one to question his loyalty to the Episcopal Church. To make it simpler to understand, I'll be using Via Media's USA's Schism Quiz to grade Bp. Iker's performance:

"The Schism Quiz -- Is it "realignment" or schism? "

Bishop Iker scores 100.

Please also read Mark Harris on why the three senior bishops did not agree to inhibit Bob Duncan of Pittsburgh.

Then read Episcopal Cafe's "Does the lack of inhibition of Bishop Duncan matter?"

"There has been a lot of discussion about the meaning of the senior bishops' lack of consent to inhibit The Rt. Rev. Robert Duncan, Bishop of the Diocese of Pittsburgh. The question has been "does this mean the process is stopped or not?" The letter to Bishop Duncan from the Presiding Bishop and Canon IV.9.2 state that the process continues not withstanding the senior bishops' non-consent to inhibition. "

All these will help bring you up to speed on the actions that TEC leadership is taking against bishops advocating schism.

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